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Anne Grimes Rand, President & Chief Executive Officer

Anne Grimes Rand is responsible for overall management of the museum’s operations, establishing the USS Constitution Museum as a national leader in hands-on history for all ages.

Jackie Hibbard, Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

As Sr. Vice President, COO and CFO, Jackie Hibbard is responsible for all operational aspects of the museum facility overseeing the Finance, Retail, and Facilities departments. Charity Navigator’s top rating of 4 stars demonstrates the museum’s commitment to excellence.

Edward D. Sevilla

Edward D. Sevilla, Senior Vice President & Chief Development Officer

Sevilla joins the Museum from the leading national philanthropy consulting firm Grenzebach Glier + Associates (GG+A), where he served as Senior Vice President and a member of the leadership team. He has extensive experience in fundraising and marketing communications. His clients at GG+A included arts and culture organizations such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, New England Conservatory of Music, Philadelphia Orchestra, and the Museum Kunst der Westküste in Germany. He has worked on capital campaigns whose goals ranged up to $3 billion for education clients such as Dartmouth College, McGill University, the University of Rochester and Vanderbilt University.

Sarah Watkins, Senior Vice President & Chief Experience Officer

As Sr. Vice President and CXO, Sarah Watkins oversees the visitor experience team, supervising the Curatorial, Exhibits, Museum Learning, and Marketing departments. The visitor experience team develops interactive exhibits and programs, offering a warm welcome to all our guests.

Paul E. George, Chairman

Paul George is an attorney with Kellogg & George in Wellesley, MA and is a former U.S. Navy officer. He has extensive experience serving on non-profit boards, including the U.S. Olympic Committee and Massachusetts Eye and Ear.


Paul E. George, Chairman

John R. Hayes, Jr., Vice Chairman

Stephen J. O’Leary, III, Vice Chairman

Daniel E. Smith, Vice Chairman

Alison Nolan, Secretary

John H. Abbott, Treasurer

W. Karl Baker

Richard D. Batchelder, Jr.

Bruce A. Blessington

Nirav G. Desai

Benjamin M. Faucett

Paul B. Ferraro

The Honorable Philip C. Garber

CAPT Thomas V. Hennessey, Jr., USN (Ret.)

Daniel Kaufman

Nancy Kelleher

Thomas A. Kershaw

Dennis J. Langwell

CAPT Mary Jo Majors, NC, USN (Ret.)

Kevin C. McGrath

Frank Morse

Paul K. Mutch

William Phipps Rice, Jr.

Jennifer Rossi, Ph.D.

Lois Siegelman

Megan Sniffin-Marinoff

Matthew P. Stackpole

Taylor B. Wagenseil

CDR Christopher S. Wiseman, USN (Ret.)

Chairman’s Council

James C. Stokes, Immediate Past Chairman

John Rowe

West Saltonstall

Samuel Thorne

Alexander Washburn

Life Trustees

Robert J. Allison

Margaret M. Benson

C. William Carey

Philip C. Chadwick

David D. Corbett

Lee C. Costello

RADM Raymond R. Couture, USNR (Ret.)

Herbert P. Dane

Ronald M. Egalka

VADM George W. Emery, USN (Ret.)

William M. Fowler, Jr.

William B. Frothingham, Jr.

The Honorable Paul W. Garber

James B. Hawkes

The Honorable Barry D. Hoffman

Gary P. Kearney, M.D.

William C. Kelley, Jr.

James Kras

COL Andrew J. Ley, USMCR (Ret.)

Anthony M. Lovell

Rashaun J. Martin

William Martin

Paul F. McDonough, Jr.

Lawrence L. McGlynn

Patricia L. McGlynn

Sherman “Pat” Morss, Jr.

John D. Mulattieri

Jeremiah P. Murphy, Jr.

LCDR Thomas F. Norton, CEC, USN (Ret.)

Frederick G. Pfannenstiehl

Lewis Rapaport

Suzanne S. Reid

William P. Rice

Mary Beth Sandman

Harvey Steinberg

Timothy L. Vaill

John A. Whelan

William H. White


CAPT Joseph J. Albanese, CEC, USN (Ret.)

Robert L. Beal

Celeste Bernardo

Lawrence Bianchi

Brandon Bigelow

CAPT Matthew J. Bonner, USN

CDR Paul J. Brawley, USN (Ret.)

Tim Brett

LTCOL Paul Brickley, USMC (Ret.)

Helen Gallo Bryan

CAPT William A. Bullard, III, USN

Andrew L. Cabot

Stephen J. Camer, M.D.

LT Joe Cardona, USN

CAPT Sanford Carlisle, USNR (Ret.)

Vincent Cerbone

Bruce H. Chafee

Paul Chapple

Carol Churchill

Martin Conroy, Jr.

CAPT Timothy M. Cooper, USN

Joseph J. Cote

Robert Coughlin

CAPT Charles Todd Creekman, USN (Ret.)

Thomas Culbertson

CAPT Daniel A. Daglio, USN

Daniel W. Daly

Stephen Decatur, Jr.

Ralph Doering, Jr.

CDR Leonard Dorrian, USCG (Ret.)

Peggy Dray

James Driscoll

John Kenneth Felter, Esq.

John Fitzgerald

Scott C. Ford

Andrew Foss

CAPT Francis H. Fox, USNR (Ret.)

Christian Frère

William C. Fuller, Jr., Ph.D.

Hull P. Fulweiler

Ian Alexander Fyfe

Alexander (Sandy) Gaston

CDR Robert S. Gerosa, Jr., USN (Ret.)

Brent D. Glass, Ph.D.

Gabriel E. Gomez

David W. Graham

William G. Gross

Anthony Guanci

Robert Hallinan

Richard H. Hawkins

Stephanie Hendricks

Daniel E. Holland, III

Paul Holzer

VADM Richard W. Hunt, USN (Ret.)

Leigh Hurd

John F. Keane

Susan Kearney

CAPT Thomas G. Kelley, USN (Ret.)

Mason J.O. Klinck, Sr.

Sinan Kunt

Stephen Kylander

Jerome Kyllingstad

Nathalie Laidler-Kylander

Bob Lawler

COL Michael LeSavage, USMC (Ret.)

James Lister

Caleb Loring, III

Dr. John Maguire

Michael P. Manning

Dr. Robert Martello

CDR Tyrone G. Martin, USN (Ret.)

Daniel G. May

Benjamin M. McGuire

The Honorable James F. McHugh, III

Paula Milone-Nuzzo

Christopher Michael Moe

John Moore

Patrick C. Moscaritolo

Maxwell Mulholland

Kenneth Murphy

General Richard I. Neal, USMC (Ret.)

Coleman Nee

Anthony Nunziante

Kevin M. O’Brien

Ryan P. O’Conner

Lydia Phippen Ogilby

Reid Oslin

Edward A. Palleschi

Nathaniel Philbrick

Richard P. Quinlan

CAPT Michael J. Rauworth, USCGR (Ret.)

Sandra Regan

CDR Michael J. Riordan, USN (Ret.)

A. Heaton Robertson

Glen Ross, M.D.

Mike Rowsey

Kristina Royal

Thomas E. Rudden

Matthew Santangelo

Stephen Schnitzer

Daniel Scully

Gregory J. Spanos

Michael J. Stapf

Jessica Stebbins

Dean H. Steeger

Stewart H. Steffey, Jr.

Donald Turner

CMDCM (AW/SS/SW) David Twiford, USN

Francisco Ureña

Thomas A. Vecchiolla

Richard Volkin

Allison R. Walk

CAPT Kevin Wensing, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Sunita Williams, USN (Ret.)