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Colonel Drew Ley Fund

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Colonel Andrew “Drew” J. Ley, USMCR (Ret.)

Drew Ley was a retired attorney and Marine officer who flew A-4 Skyhawks until his retirement at the rank of Colonel in 1991.  Drew was deeply committed to civic engagement, serving as a Trustee and Life Trustee of the USS Constitution Museum. As a longtime Museum supporter, he was responsible for the annual Lt. William S. Bush Memorial Breakfast, which has grown into an institutional tradition. Drew served as master of ceremonies for this special event and brought us several first-rate speakers. We are profoundly indebted to Drew for all that he has done for the Museum. Drew passed away in October 2020 and he will be greatly missed by his friends and fellow Museum supporters.

About the Colonel Drew Ley Fund

In memory of Drew, the Museum recently established the Colonel Drew Ley Fund to support future Lt. William S. Bush Memorial Breakfasts and Lectures and other Marine Corps activities at the Museum. The fund will become a permanent part of the Museum’s endowment and adhere to its strict spending policy, ensuring its continued existence in perpetuity.

Founding Members are those who give a gift within this calendar year to help endow the fund. They will be acknowledged during a special event on February 23 (see below), on this webpage, and in the Museum’s Annual Report.


General – $25,000
Colonel – $20,000
Major – $15,000
Captain – $10,000
Lieutenant – $5,000
Sergeant Major – $2,500
Gunnery Sergeant – $1,000
Sergeant – $500
VMA 322 Squadron Mate – $322

Founding Members

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Maryann and John Mulattieri & Major Christopher J. Mulattieri, USMCR


Carol P. Searle


Jack & Kip Abbott



Paul & Ellen Ferraro
Paul & Helen George
Bruce Hauben
Sara & Leonard LaPorta, Former First Lieutenant Old Ironsides
Mr. & Mrs. James Matarese


Bruce & Marie Blessington
C. William Carey
Barbara & Frederic Clifford
Dave Corbett
Michael & Kathryn Dunford
Richard Grande
Daniel E. Holland, III
Jim Joslin
Susan & Gary Kearney
Haven Ley & Will Wilson
Caleb & Bonny Loring
David Loring
Alison Nolan
COL & Mrs. Burton C. Quist
Westy & Vicki Saltonstall
Mary Beth & Paul Sandman
William H. White


Robert J. Allison
CAPT & Mrs. Steven E. Ayres
Paul E. Clifford
Warren C. Cook, Dartmouth 67 USMC
John and Susan Cooper
Lee C. Costello
Lt.Col. Jonathan P. Feltner, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
Larry Fitzmaurice

CAPT Francis H. Fox, USNR (Ret.)
Mr. & Mrs. Ian Alexander Fyfe
Dwight Gertz

Julie Hahnke
Col Rich & Cecilia Harries, USMCR (Ret.)
Richard H. Howe
Al and Deborah Jackson
Liliana M. Gutierrez & Daniel H. Kaufman
Mr. & Mrs. James Kras
Geoffrey LaFond
Rashaun and Andrea Martin

William and Christine Martin
Paul & Carla McDonough
Patricia & Lawrence McGlynn
Paul & Jessica Mutch
Coleman Nee
Thomas & Linda Norton
Larry and Valerie Post

Thomas Rudden


Karl & Meredith Baker
Bern and Carol Bradstreet
A. Lawrence Crimmins, Jr.
Msgr. Bill Cuddy
Thad & Lulu Davis
Richard L. Dobbyn, Sr.
Fred Ferrara
LtCol B. Morgan Hall (Ret.)

Jacqueline Hibbard
Whitney Ley Jackson & Family
Col Bob Kudwa
Stephen Landa
Paul & Patricia Leary – Leary Mech. Inc.
Morgan Ley & Family
John Margie
John H. Masters

Col. Thomas P. McNeil, USMCR (Ret.)
Brian Oliver
Col. Dave Reynolds, USMCR (Ret.)

Bill Sanvidge
Lois & Raymond Siegelman
Kevin Trainor

Colonel Daniel T. Ventre, USMC (Ret.)


To honor Drew and launch the Fund, the Museum is pleased to welcome Gen. Jim Mattis as the featured speaker of our LT William S. Bush Memorial Lecture. This Lecture is part of the Museum’s Distinguished Leadership Speaker Series. After serving in the Marine Corps for over 40 years, Gen Mattis served as U.S. Secretary of Defense from 2017-2018.  He will join us for a Zoom Webinar focused on “A Conversation on Leadership,” followed by a Q&A session on Tuesday, February 23 at 1:00 PM.  He will be introduced by Gen. Joseph Dunford, USMC (Ret.), Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 2015-2019.

All Founding Members of the Colonel Drew Ley Fund and donors to the fund are invited to the event as complementary guests. You will receive a link to register for the Zoom Webinar if you make your gift before February 23.

Click here for more information about the LT William S. Bush Memorial Lecture with Gen. Jim Mattis.


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