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Visitor Experience Volunteers directly support the mission of the USS Constitution Museum by assisting our staff with the facilitation of the Museum’s LEGO® Shipyard area, engaging visitors in hands-on activities and programs, and providing information to visitors about the Museum and surrounding area. 

As part of the Visitor Experience team at the USS Constitution Museum, volunteers will:

  • Address all visitors in a welcoming, respectful manner and proactively seek ways, both large and small, to positively influence their visit to the Museum through personal attention.
  • Recognize and act on opportunities to use basic interpretive approaches to positively impact visitors’ experiences within the Museum’s galleries.
  • Confidently communicate basic and advanced information on a range of topics including Constitution’s history and local attractions in a way that respects the individual needs, motivations and abilities of our visitors.
  • Inform visitors of Museum policies regarding, but not limited to, photography, food and/or drinks, appropriate behavior and, when possible, provide reasonable alternatives.
  • Communicate and cooperate with all staff and volunteers to create a cohesive team within the Visitor Experience Department and throughout the Museum.

We are looking for approachable, friendly and energetic people who enjoy volunteering and are eager to interact with the Museum’s diverse and curious visitors. A background and passion for history is welcome, but not necessary. You must be at least 16 years of age. 

Volunteer Cycles and Shifts:

  • Volunteer Cycles:  The Museum engages volunteers during high visitation months of the year and as a result have the following volunteer cycles available for applicants to apply.  At the end of each cycle, volunteers will discuss with their supervisor the possibility of extending to the next cycle.  
    • Winter/Spring Cycle:  February 15th- May 31st  (Apply by January 15th)
    • Summer Cycle:  June 1st- September 15th  (Apply by May 1st)
    • Fall/Winter Cycle:  October 1st- December 31st  (Apply by September 1st)
  • Volunteer Shifts:  In order to accommodate all volunteers, please be aware of the following shift restrictions.
    • Volunteer shifts consist of a 4 hour shift that includes a 30 minute break.  In times of peak visitation, shifts may be extended to 6 hours. 
    • Shifts are available on a flexible basis or set schedule depending on the needs of the volunteer. 
    • During the Fall/ Winter Cycle, volunteer shifts are only available on weekends and high visitation holidays.

How to Apply: