Back in January, we gave you a preview of a short film we’ve been working on.  It’s the story of one very special axe.  Happily, that film is now finished!  It took many hands to produce.  Dr. Rob Martello of Olin College helped whip the script into shape.  Derek Heidemann of Resurrection Iron Works, along with Dave Wilson, expertly reproduced the axe from a bar of wrought iron.  Justin Kennick used the axe to hew a log at Coggeshall Farm in Bristol. RI.  Last, but certainly not least, MassHumanities provided the funds to make this all happen.

Not only does the film bring alive the story of one artifact, but it is intended to serve as a model for future film projects here at the museum.  We will strive to repeat this for other classes of artifacts.  For this reason, we aimed to keep production costs as low as possible, and did all of the editing in house.

We hope you enjoy the show!



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