Loammi Baldwin, Jr.Loammi Baldwin, Jr., a pioneering American civil engineer, designed the first two naval dry docks built in the United States.

Born in Woburn, Massachusetts on May 16, 1780, Baldwin showed an interest in engineering at an early age. As a civil engineer, he designed and constructed public works, including canals, dams, and tunnels. Baldwin contributed to the construction of Fort Strong in Boston Harbor and helped design the Bunker Hill Monument (also part of Boston National Historical Park).

In 1827, Baldwin oversaw the construction of two dry docks – one in the Gosport Shipyard in Norfolk, Virginia and one in the Charlestown Navy Yard. Both are considered engineering marvels. Baldwin died on June 30, 1838 in Charlestown, Massachusetts.


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Kate Monea
Manager of Curatorial Affairs, USS Constitution Museum

Kate Monea is the Manager of Curatorial Affairs at the USS Constitution Museum.