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Henry Galaske’s National Cruise Scrapbook

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On July 2, 1931, USS Constitution and a crew of 81 sailors, officers, and Marines set off on a three-year, three-coast tour around the United States. This National Cruise was a public “thank you” to the men, women, and children who, from 1925-1930, donated monies and materials to support the 1927 restoration. School children across the country contributed pennies, nickels, and dimes toward a fund that eventually raised $154,000 for “Old Ironsides.”

Constitution, towed by the minesweeper USS Grebe, stopped at over 70 ports along the East, Gulf, and West coasts of the United States. The crews of Constitution and Grebe were hailed as honored guests in these ports, and invited to parties and dances, dinners with local politicians and dignitaries, sporting events, and festivals. In return, the crew gave talks and lectures, made public appearances, and performed radio dramatizations of “Old Ironsides’” most famous battles to reach as large an audience as possible.

Several crewmembers created scrapbooks to memorialize this once-in-a-lifetime trip. They gathered postcards, photographs, newspaper clippings, invitations, medals, postal cachets, hatband tallies, and even local brewery labels, and carefully pasted them into commemorative albums. These scrapbooks not only provide documentation of Constitution‘s activities in the early 1930s, but also offer historical and cultural insights into America’s Great Depression.

Like many old scrapbooks created from poor-quality paper and a diversity of materials, this album was in danger of crumbling and being lost forever. Thanks to funding provided by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, this remarkable scrapbook was professionally conserved and digitized to stabilize the materials, prevent further damage, and make the contents accessible to researchers worldwide.

This scrapbook, compiled by crewmember Henry Galaske of Missouri, documents Constitution‘s travels along the West Coast of the United States in 1933. Comprised primarily of newspaper articles and clippings, this book provides documentary evidence of nearly every port “Old Ironsides” visited in California, Oregon, and Washington. Photographs of the ship and crew highlight life on board, while a variety of memorabilia, including movie tickets, postal cachets, and invitations to dinners and dances, illustrate the assortment of in-port activities enjoyed by USS Constitution‘s crew.

Henry Galaske

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Printed paper, Paper -- photographic, Glue

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USS Constitution Museum Collection. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Syberg Gift.

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