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1795 Springfield Pattern Musket

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Muskets were carried by all Marines who served on USS Constitution and other United States Navy ships in the early 19th century. This musket is a standard U.S. Navy issue for the period. Designed in 1795, the Springfield pattern musket was mass-produced for both the U.S. Navy and Army. Over 10 years, more than 150,000 muskets were made. This example was manufactured in 1805, the last year the 1795 model was made. Production of a slightly revised design resumed in 1807.

The Springfield ship muskets of this period were manufactured with the same parts as those made for the army’s infantry, but with shorter barrels. The trigger guard was made larger on these muskets to accommodate the chain, or bar locks, often used in navy armories. The “P,” Eagle, and “V” marks on the back of the barrel were standard for Springfield guns of the period. The “BP” near the trigger is probably a maker’s mark but does not match any on record. Other stamped marks read “SPRINGFIELD/1805” and “US” on the lock plate and “1805” on the butt plate.


Springfield Armory

Date Created

Wood, Metal

[H]2 1/2 in. [W]6 1/8 in.

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USS Constitution Museum Collection. Mr. Sherman Morss Bequest.

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