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Restrike of Commemorative Medal awarded to Captain Charles Stewart

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This medal is a bronze restrike of the medal that the U.S. Congress commissioned to honor Captain Charles Stewart, who was Commander of USS Constitution from June 1813 until May 1815. The present whereabouts of the original gold medal that was given to Stewart are unknown. Stewart was awarded this medal because he led Constitution in its victorious battles against HMS Cyane and HMS Levant.

The obverse of the medal is decorated with a bust of Stewart, who appears in profile. He has wavy hair and wears his uniform. The Latin text that encircles his portrait identifies him as the captain of the American ship Constitution. Beneath his bust are the words “Furst F.”, which identify the artist who made the original medal.

The reverse of the medal shows the battle between Constitution, Cyane, and Levant. All three ships float on a wavy sea, and while all three show signs of damage, the central ship is most intact. The Latin text on this side of the medal identifies the battle depicted and the date on which they occurred.

F. Furst

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[Diam] 2.625 in.

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Courtesy of Naval History and Heritage Command Detachment Boston.

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