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U.S. FRIGATE Constitution, of 44 GUNS.

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Many different commercial prints of USS Constitution were made available to the public in the wake of the ship’s victories during the War of 1812. This popular engraving is among those prints, and is notable for its detailed and accurate depiction of the ship’s rigging. Artist William Lynn produced the original drawing, which was then engraved for reproduction by Abel Bowen around 1812. Bowen was a well-known engraver whose Boston shop printed and sold copies of the artwork. The prints were hand-colored, resulting in seemingly random differentiations in color among the various copies still in existence. For example, the bright red coloring on the ship’s lower stays shown in this 1973 reprint are not a true representation of the actual ship.

William Lynn (artist), Abel Bowen (engraver)

Date Created

Paper, Ink

[H]25 1/2 in. [W]30 1/2 in. [D]1 in.

Catalog Number

Credit Line
USS Constitution Museum Collection. Mr. John B. Dodge Gift.

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