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Pair of Flintlock Pistols Presented to Isaac Hull

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These identical gold-mounted, flintlock presentation pistols, made by Simeon North, were given to Captain Isaac Hull by his native State of Connecticut around 1818. The pistols are decorated with a side plate engraved with USS Constitution’s escape from a British squadron in July of 1812. The grips are decorated with a small plate depicting HMS Guerriere’s magazine exploding. An inscription on the underside of the pistols reads: “Voted by the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut/ to their fellow citizen Captain Isaac Hull.”

Simeon North, a gun manufacturer in Middletown, Connecticut, was commissioned by the United States Navy to make thousands of pistols in the early 19th century. North was also commissioned to make presentation pistols such as these.


Simeon North

Date Created
c. 1818

Metal, Gold

[H]2 in. [W]7 in. [L]15 in.

Catalog Number

Credit Line
On loan to the USS Constitution Museum from a Private Collection.

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