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Letter from William Bainbridge to John Gwinn, February 5, 1825
Caroline Salles Lynch Gwinn Collection
Indent of carpenters, blockmakers, and boatswains stores for refit of USS Congress
Boatswains stores on board USS Congress, July 24, 1800
Rules and Regulations for USS Congress, May 22, 1800
List of principal blocks for USS Constitution, c.1797
Dimensions of standing rigging for USS Constitution, 1797
List of supplies signed by John Barry
Orders from Silas Talbot to James Sever, February 26, 1801
Silas Talbot to James Sever, January 3, 1801
Toussaint Louverture to James Sever, October 13, 1800
Private signals by day for the ships of war of the United States, July 12, 1798
Signals to be observed by those vessels proceeding under the convoy of the U.S. Frigate Congress
Private signals between the U.S. and British navies, by day and night
Henry Knox to James Seaver [sic], August 8, 1794
James Sever Collection
The Naval Chronicle, for 1812: Containing a General and Biographical History of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom; with a Variety of Original Papers on Nautical Subjects. Under the Guidance of Several Literary and Professional Men. Vol. XXVII.
The Port Folio, Vol. 2, No. 1
Proceedings of the General Court Martial for the Trial of Commodore James Barron, Captain Charles Gordon, Mr. William Hook, and Captain John Hall of the United States’ Ship Chesapeake, in the Month of January, 1808
An Inquiry into the Causes and Consequences of the Orders in Council; and an Examination of the Conduct of Great Britain Towards the Neutral Commerce of America
Ira Dye Collection on Early Seafarers
George Ipsara Sirian Collection
Four Flag Fragments from U.S. Navy War of 1812 Victories
Letter from William Sharp Bush to Jabez Caldwell, June 5, 1810
Letter from William Sharp Bush to Jabez Caldwell, March 5, 1811
Miniature Portrait of John Lord
List of Military Stores Ordered to be Transported to Boston for the Frigate Constitution, 1797-1798
William Bainbridge’s Account of the Engagement with HMS Java
Letter from Charles Stewart to William Tudor, Jr., May 22, 1815